Clinton Vessel Interaction Project​

Since the commencement of shipping from Wiggins Island Coal Terminal (WICT)​, vessels departing WICT are required to pass by vessels berthed at the RG Tanna Coal Terminal (RGTCT).  The passing of Panamax & Cape vessels within close proximity to the RGT berths  can create vessel interaction forces potentially impacting the berthed vessel.  GPC has commenced a project aimed at evaluating the options to eliminate this issue.​

The options under consideration include:

  • Managing the forces / impact through vessel speed restrictions and tug boats;
  • Install new  mooring systems to the RGTCT berthing dolphins;
  • Deepen the Clinton Bypass channel from 13 metres to 16 metres to allow loaded cape size vessels to utilise that channel; or
  • Widen the existing Clinton Channel (16 metres) to enable passing vessels to have greater separation distance.

Over the coming months, GPC will evaluate these options to determine the most effective solution.

Environmental Approvals

Should  a dredging option be chosen, GPC will  continue to work closely with State and Federal Governments to determine the approval processes required for the project.

Project Staging and Timing

The options study is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.  In the case of a dredging option being selected, it is anticipated that works would commence in the first half of 2017, subject to relevant approvals.

More Information

GPC will continue to keep the community fully informed of any developments as works commence on this project.

​For more information regarding the Clinton Vessel Interaction Project, please contact GPC’s Corporate and Community Relations Team on 1800 243 GPC.​​​