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​Barney Point Terminal enters a new era

14 February 2017

Gladstone Ports Corporation’s (GPC) Barney Point Terminal has entered its next phase, as an export hub for non-coal product.

The first shipment will see more than 20,000 tonnes of calcite transported to Geelong on board the bulk carrier Diana.

It’s a milestone moment for the site, which recorded its last shipment in May 2016 after 49 years as a coal terminal.

GPC CEO Peter O’Sullivan says Barney Point Terminal has come a long way in the past 18 months.

“It’s no easy feat removing every ounce of coal from a site, but our team has done an incredible job to ensure the site is remediated,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“Closing the terminal also gave us the opportunity to perform important maintenance works to ensure Barney Point was ready for new business.”

The move follows GPC’s commitment to the Barney Point community to remove coal from the terminal and introduce non-coal product.

“We’ve ensured the community and environment were considered during each step of the remediation and relaunching process,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“Stockpile building and ship loading will be undertaken in a way that minimises any potential disturbance to the community.

“Stringent environmental monitoring and mitigation activities will also continue across the site.”

GPC is currently investigating growth opportunities for the Barney Point Terminal.

“We envisage the amount of calcite being moved through the site will continue to increase as the mine looks to expand,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“We’re also exploring the potential of handling other bulk products from Mount Morgan and Monto.”

GPC anticipates four to five ships will berth at Barney Point each year.

Calcite had previously been shipped from Auckland Point.

Its move to Barney Point has prompted the start of ground levelling works at the Auckland Point precinct for GPC’s East Shores Stage 1B project.​

CAPTION: The first shipment of Calcite from Barney Point Terminal.

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