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Dog management at GPC Parklands

10 January 2018

​Gladstone Ports Corporation is urging dog owners to be considerate of fellow park users while walking their four-legged friends at its foreshore precincts.

Gladstone Ports Corporation prides itself on the provision of community facilities – including the popular East Shores, Gladstone Marina Parklands and Spinnaker Park – so families can relax, exercise and enjoy the waterfront surrounds.

Unfortunately, CEO Peter O’Sullivan says Gladstone Ports Corporation has received a growing number of complaints from the community about dog owners failing to follow park rules.

“Gladstone Ports Corporation aims to find a balance between dog owners who love to walk their pets along the foreshore and community members who prefer to visit our parklands without dogs,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“That’s why we have Conditions of Use in place – to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of families enjoying the waterfront precincts.”

Dogs are permitted at the Marina and Spinnaker Parklands, and on the walkways throughout East Shores, as long as they’re kept on a leash at all times - no exceptions.

Even the most well behaved, free roaming dog can create fear in children, who do not know the dog’s temperament.

Dogs are not allowed in the East Shores water play park at any time.

Owners are also required to remove their dog’s waste using the bags provided throughout the parklands, to prevent potential health and environmental impacts.

“Droppings contain harmful bacteria and nutrients, which puts people - particularly children - at risk of infection,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“Gladstone Ports Corporation is prepared to review its park policies regarding dogs if some owners continue to ignore our Conditions of Use.”

Gladstone Regional Council has a number of locations across the region for dog owners wishing to exercise their pets off-leash, including Webb Park, William Misken Park and Canoe Point.

Gladstone Ports Corporation appreciates the community’s cooperation in following its park usage guidelines.