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This induction is designed for anyone who will be working with GPC and accessing our various sites. On completion of this induction, you will be aware of GPC’s obligations and responsibilities with regards to security, safety, people and the environment and respective obligations and responsibilities when accessing our sites.

Upon completion of the Online Induction you will be emailed an Induction Completion Transcript which is required to support your application for a GPC Site ID access card.

GPC's Security, Induction and MSIC Office processes site ID card applications by appointment on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s between 8.00am and 12:30pm.

Once issued, your site ID access card is valid for two years from your induction completion date. After this time you must re-sit the online induction and submit a new Site ID Application Form and Online Induction Completion Transcript.

Ensure you have allowed enough time to complete the module in one sitting. This online induction will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Please note that you are not able to leave the module and return at a later time to resume where you left off. If you leave the module before completion you will have to start again from the beginning.

System requirements:

  • Adobe Flash Player: Version 10 or later. This can be downloaded for free from Adobe. 
  • As the module is a Flash file, it is not compatible with iPhones or iPads at this stage.
  • Javascript must be enabled. View instructions on how to enable javascript.
  • Browser compatibility: Internet Explorer 7 or later; Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later.
  • Sound: the module contains audio content which you must be able to listen to in order to complete the induction. If you have a hearing impairment you can enable closed captions on the module in lieu of audio.
  • Printer: Your Online Induction Completion Transcript will be emailed to your designated email address upon completion of the module. You must print and bring to GPC Security, Induction & MSIC Office. 

Please note: as the module is quite large, it may take a couple of minutes to download. Do not hit refresh, as this will cause the module to start downloading again and increase your wait time.

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More information

For information or assistance in completing your online induction email or phone ​GPC's Security, Induction and MSIC Office on 07 4976 1350. ​