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Australian-first technology in ship loading

An Australian-first technology designed by Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) to improve ship-loading operations is rolling out this month at the RG Tanna Coal Terminal wharf (RGTCT).

GPC’s Operations Systems team have been working on the online interactive tool, which displays a real-time view of coal loading onto vessels.

The technology will feature in GPC’s Digital Twin Decision Automation system along with 60 other digital components, which can track movements of trains and dozers as well as communicate with customers and record data.

The ship-loading feature shows the vessel capacity, with live loading targets and guides operators for accurate blending.

It’s expected to streamline the supply chain process by giving a real-time view of processes to operators, planners, supervisors, and agents.

Acting CEO Craig Walker said the technology was all part of GPC’s 50-year vision to create brighter prospects for future generations and maximise trade through the port.

“As Australia’s premier multi-commodity we’re always striving to set a global standard,” Mr Walker said.

“Our Operations Teams have been contacted by some of the world’s biggest mining and technology giants to help them develop a similar automation system,” he said.

“It’s humbling to see we’re leading the way when it comes to port technology and it’s critical we continue to develop systematic and sustainable technology to facilitate the continued growth of trade.”​

GPC is using the latest development tools allowing the desktop application to be accessible on mobile devices without the need to build specialised mobile apps.

As Australia’s premier multi-commodity port, GPC is preparing Queensland to take full advantage of the future.

The ship loading feature tab designed by the Operations Systems team.


The ship loading feature tab designed by the Operations Systems team.