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Dozer rolls in at East Shores 1B

A D6 Dozer, dating back to 1947, has rolled on into Gladstone Ports Corporation’s recreational precinct East Shores 1B. 

A nod to the site’s industrial history, the dozer will be on permanent display at the precinct and has been refurbished to replicate the bulldozers that were used at the Auckland Point Coal Terminal during the 1950s.  

GPC Acting CEO Craig Walker said dozers have played an important role in the history of the Port of Gladstone. 

“In 1954, the D6 Dozer came into operation at GPC, known as the Gladstone Harbour Board in those days, after a scraper repeatedly broke down disrupting operations,” Mr Walker said. 

“Employee Bill Turner suggested using a bulldozer and so began the Gladstone tradition of using dozers on coal stockpiles. 

“Now more than 65 years on, GPC continues to operate a fleet of 25 bulldozers as part of our business and these remain an integral part of the successful operation of RG Tanna Coal Terminal.

“Today D11 Bulldozers are used to maintain the integrity of stockpiles, blend numerous coal types and transfer coal to conveyors,” Mr Walker said. 

The D6 Dozer is among a number of new features at East Shores 1B that celebrate the rich history of Gladstone, including a calcite tunnel display, the South Trees Lead Light and Patsy Lee Place. 

“We are excited to open the next stage of East Shores in mid-2020 and give locals and visitors more spaces to relax, exercise and enjoy everything that Gladstone has to offer,” he said. 

Stage 1B will bring a range of new facilities to the East Shores precinct including a waterfront café, cruise ship passenger terminal, boot camp, big-screen outdoor theatre, amphitheatre, basketball hoops and additional barbeque facilities. 

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