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Floating dry docks latest addition to marina

Christmas is here this week with Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) installing four floating dry docks at the Gladstone Marina.

Investing in both the visiting and local boating community, the new docks will be available for boats up to three tonne – opening up the benefits of a marina to trailer boat owners.

Gladstone Marina Superintendent David Osmond said with Gladstone itself having one of the highest rates of boat ownership per capita in Australia, these berths will give the average trailer boat owner easy access to some of the most pristine waterways on the east coast.

“Living only a stone’s throw from the Great Barrier Reef and with beautiful local islands, the provision of floating dry docks will allow easy use of your vessel without the normal worries of trailering, launching, boat ramps or storage issues at home,” Mr Osmond said.

“The floating dock allows easy solo operation, unlike launching at the ramp which can sometimes need a full crew of people.

“The floating dock sinks into the water to allow for drive on access, then at the push of a button, floats up – lifting your vessel out of the water – less maintenance costs and no anti-foul required,” he said.

“You’ll use your boat more, saving the hour or so it can take to trailer and launch - you simply drive to the marina, step on board and drive off.

“A few hours out on the water after or before work becomes easy and with shower facilities onsite, a quick fish before work is a real possibility!”

John Hogan, CEO of Superior Jetties, the manufacturer and installer of the docks, said it was great to see Gladstone taking up the higher yields on offer from smaller marina berths to store vessels out of the water.

“In this way the vessels are presented in pristine condition to the waterways without any antifoul products and the performance of the hull is enhanced thus saving on fuel use,” Mr Hogan said.

“These products introduce new customers to the market by reducing logistical hassles of boating such as trailer movements and storage.”

With weekend-to-weekend rates, monthly, six monthly and discounted annual rates available, the floating docks come with all the benefits of a Marina – security, amenities and a friendly onsite Marina team.

People, Community and Sustainability General Manager Rowen Winsor said it’s all about convenience and easy access to our local waterways.

“Our community absolutely loves exploring our waterways, whether that be by foot around the GPC Parklands or by boat,” Ms Winsor said.

“The floating docks turns one berth into four, and with low maintenance we see it as a fantastic addition to our Marina.”

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