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Navigational aids shine light on safety

Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) continues to improve safety standards in the Port of Gladstone, funding the construction and installation of new navigational aids, benefiting local boaties and commercial shipping operators.

GPC is working in partnership with Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) to install a lead light and new beacon, and relocate another beacon, as part of the Clinton Vessel Interaction Project (CVIP).

MSQ will manage the construction and installation of the navigational aids with the completion expected in the second half of 2020.

Acting CEO Craig Walker said GPC is proud to have such a positive working relationship with MSQ and the Regional Harbour Master.

“We have a close working relationship with MSQ and this is another example of our commitment to safety for both commercial vessels and local harbour users,” said Mr Walker.

“Our focus is on the continued safety of our busy port so we can continue to deliver sustainable economic growth and social prosperity for our region.”

Gladstone Regional Harbour Master John Fallon, said the improved safety and operability of the Gladstone harbour and waterways, both commercial and recreational, is a binding focus for GPC and MSQ.

“These new navigational aids, which are 30 metres high and two and a half metres wide, will increase the safe use of the port for everyone,” said Mr Fallon.

“We have worked closely with GPC in relation to the design of the navigational aids and have engaged local businesses where possible.”

GPC’s CVIP will improve safety by widening the Clinton Channel by approximately 100 metres, with work expected to finish in the second half of 2020.

According to Mr Walker the project continues to provide opportunities for Gladstone locals and businesses while ensuring the Port of Gladstone remains strong and safe.

Shipping remains unaffected while CVIP works are undertaken.

GPC prides itself as the gateway to Central Queensland’s trade, jobs and prosperity, and is resolute in its commitment to ensuring the region is ready for the next wave of globalisation, new energy and new technology.