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​East Shores and Auckland Hill connectivity improved

Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) and Gladstone Regional Council have partnered to enhance the connectivity of their community parklands, East Shores and Auckland Hill.

Local contractor Quality Management & Construction Pty Ltd has been awarded the tender to widen the stairs on Auckland Hill, connecting the two parks and improving access.

GPC CEO Peter O’Sullivan said that GPC would oversee the works.

“The stairs are a popular feature of Auckland Hill and are used by many for fitness and leisure,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“By widening the stairs, we are improving access between the recreational precincts in the area.”

Gladstone Region Acting Mayor Chris Trevor said he was pleased that the work was being kept local.

“Quality Management & Construction Pty Ltd has a strong reputation for delivering work at a high standard,” Councillor Trevor said.

“We, along with GPC, are confident that the work will be done efficiently and effectively, and ultimately benefit the Gladstone community and its visitors.”

Works are anticipated to commence in mid-October and be completed by the end of November.

During this time the stairs will be closed to the public, with the exclusion of Monday 29 October when they will be opened to support Feast on East.

In addition to the works being undertaken on the stairs, GPC has also commenced work to increase carparking along Flinders Parade.

The carpark at GPC’s Flinders Parade workshop will be upgraded to include 22 parking spaces to support the growing visitor numbers accessing the recreational precincts in the area.