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The Decade That Was

As we close out this decade Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) reflects on the experienced exponential growth, facilitated trade to traditional trading and new countries, and the hosting of more than 15,000 ships.


The past 10 years has provided new trade opportunities, seen the Port of Bundaberg become part of the GPC family and the GPC workforce increase by almost 100.


Acting CEO Craig Walker said he was proud of the contribution from past and present employees, the community support in which GPC operates and our customers for their support in GPC reaching 105 years of operations in 2019.


“We have facilitated more than one billion tonnes of trade throughout our three precincts in the last 10 years alone, which is just outstanding,” Mr Walker said.


“A snapshot of how much we have grown, in 2010 we facilitated 85 million tonnes of trade for the calendar year, and in 2019 to date we have seen 112 million tonnes go through our ports and we still have 11 days left for the year.


“These results are great news for this region and Queenslanders in terms of jobs, the economy and international trade.  


“Our people – past and present – have all contributed to this growth, they should all be proud of these achievements.


“During this time we have also seen the development of East Shores 1A, Wiggins Island Coal Terminal and an LNG that surpassed Qatar as the premier LNG region in the world.


“Gladstone Marine Pilot Services also became part of our expanding GPC family, and more recently two world class pilot launch vessels that can been seen every day on the water moving our pilots more safely, quicker and with greater comfort than ever before.


“We are the envy of other pilot services not only in Australia, but also on the global stage.


“The growth of our port over the past decade has proven our capability and readies us for this next decade with a high degree of excitement and anticipation.”


As GPC looks towards this next era, our focus is on intergenerational thinking, planning and a strategy securing GPC’s position as the premier multi-commodity port in Australia.


With Central Queensland on the verge of unprecedented opportunity, GPC will continue to ready the region to take full advantage of the future.