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GPC responds to Coronavirus

Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) continues to make biosecurity, the safety of its workers and the wider community a top priority.


Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) have announced their approach to managing incoming vessels to Queensland, aligning with other Australian states.


Effective from 12pm Thursday 6 February 2020, ships must not enter a Queensland pilotage area until 14 days have elapsed since the ship's departure from mainland China.

(To remove any doubt, this means that a ship which departed mainland China on 1 February 2020 may not enter a Queensland pilotage area until 15 February 2020).


This direction applies to the masters of all ships in Queensland waters if:

  • the ship left, or transited through mainland China on or after 1 February 2020, and

  • the ship intends to enter a Queensland pilotage area.


This new precaution is expected to have negligible effect on coal carriers docking at RGTCT, with travel and queue time from mainland China to Gladstone entry being in the vicinity of 14 days.  However, LNG ships, which have a shorter travel time from mainland China to Gladstone, may need to adjust their plans.


The immediate threat of Coronavirus via Queensland Ports is considered relatively low based on the known incubation period of the virus and the time vessels spend at sea before they arrive in Australian waters.  However, the safety and well-being of our maritime industry personnel, will continue to be of paramount priority.


GPC continues to monitor the situation and are in continuous liaison with State and Federal agencies, including chief medical officers and Australian Bio Security advice (Australian Boarder Force). GPC will continue to maintain their precautionary crisis management activation until further notice. The team is working closely with all agencies, stakeholders, customers and staff to ensure a consistent and coordinated response.