Apply for or renew an MSIC​ in person

If you wish to apply or renew your current MSIC you will need to follow the below steps. 

A renewal requires the same process to be followed as a new application. It is recommended that you submit your renewal application six to eight weeks prior to your current MSIC expiring. 

Cardholders with a registered email address will receive an email with renewal instructions from three months prior to their card expiring. Cardholders without a registered email address will receive a letter in the mail containing these instructions.

If your MSIC has expired at the time of lodging your documents and was issued by Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC), your MSIC will be retained by the MSIC Office staff, surrendered against your MSIC profile and destroyed in accordance with regulations. If your MSIC was obtained from another issuing body, it is your responsibility to return the initial MSIC to the relevant issuing body, details of where to return can be found on the back of your card.

If your MSIC has not yet expired when your renewal application is lodged, you will be able to continue displaying it until the date of expiry. On issue of your new MSIC you must return your expired card to the Issuing Body.

How to apply for a new MSIC or renew an MSIC

Step 1


Complete the Online MSIC Awareness Training. 


Step 2

Complete the application form in full at the end of the training. Make sure you download the application form and print it out.


Step 3

Gather all of your relevant identification documents.


Step 4

Obtain your Letter of Operational Need from your employer.


Step 5

Make an appointment with GPC's Security, Induction and MSIC office or a representative office. Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 8am and 2.30pm.


Step 6

Ensure you have reviewed our Application Checklist in preparation for attending your appointment. Make sure you have all of the relevant documents.


Step 7

Payment can be made online or provided at time of appointment by EFTPOS, cheque or cash (exact amount only). Please note that we do not accept American Express or Diners Club.

If paying online, a Payment Form must be completed and emailed through to GPC's Security, Induction and MSIC office with payment reference so a tax invoice and receipt can be raised.

If paying at the time of appointment, a completed Payment Form must also accompany each application.