BOS — Code of Best Netting Practice

GPC commissioned the development of a Code of Best Netting Practice for the Gladstone region.

This code meets compliance requirements under our Biodiversity Offset Strategy (BOS) and forms part of a Federal Government condition for the Western Basin Dredging and Disposal Project.

The code was finalised in 2016 after peer review from a Species of Conservation Interest (SOCI) expert and a commercial fisher.

Purpose of the code


The purpose of the code is to identify and implement best netting practices to minimise the risk of interactions between net fishers and SOCI, such as dugongs and turtles in the Gladstone area, and to improve survival chances should an unintended interaction occur.

The netting practices outlined in the code exceed the minimum benchmark measures already legally required, and those already practiced by the industry who have a strong focus on long-term sustainability and best practices.

Steering committee


The code was developed with the assistance of a steering committee and included the following membership:



Copies of the code are available at fishing retail outlets and signage at the following boat ramps in the Gladstone Region:

  • Bray Park, Boyne Island

  • Lions Park, Boyne Island

  • Wild Cattle Creek, Tannum Sands

  • Calliope River, Gladstone (adjacent to NRG Gladstone Power Station)

  • Gladstone Marina, Alf O’Rourke Drive (adjacent to VMR facility).

More information


For information or to request a copy of the Code of Best Netting Practice, please email or phone our Corporate and Community Relations Team on 1800 243 GPC.