Community Investment Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


When do the funding rounds open and close? 

  • Funding Round 1 — Applications open in April and close 31 May each year for funding required between August of that year and January of the following year.

  • Funding Round 2 — Applications open in August and close 30 September for funding required between February and July of the following year.​

Can I submit multiple applications for different projects? 

Yes, we encourage organisations to submit applications for different initiatives and activities that align with Gladstone Ports Corporation's (GPC) business values.

Is there a minimum and maximum amount I can apply for?

There is no minimum amount that you can apply for. A maximum amount of $25,000 excluding GST applies, however GPC can choose to grant funding above this at our discretion.

Will my application be considered if the proposed project is in one of GPC's operational areas but the administration and management of that project is based in a location that is not within GPC's operational areas?

Yes, funding would be approved for projects that affect the immediate areas in which GPC operates (Gladstone, Rockhampton and Bundaberg) even though the administrative centre of the applying organisation may be located outside of the stated areas of operation.

If my initiative spans a twelve month period, do I need to apply for one half in Round 1 and the other half in Round 2?

No, please apply for the Round when you would prefer the funding to be paid.

Does GPC support events or activities that people have to pay to attend?

Generally, the events or activities that GPC supports through the Community Investment Program are free for all attendees or have a nominal admission fee (e.g. gold coin donation to charity) to participate.

What requests are generally not considered eligible?

The below requests are generally not considered eligible (this information is also available in the GPC Community Investment Guidelines documentation​).

  • Personal assistance request — this includes any individual requesting support for any reason.

  • Sporting teams and individual athletes.

  • Activities that have already occurred or are already being advertised and promoted.

  • Promotion of political parties and campaigns.

  • Activities that conflict with GPC's values and priorities.

  • Major infrastructure (earthworks, buildings, etc.).

  • Purchase of vehicles (includes trailers, mowers, etc.).

  • Events involving alcohol consumption (such as Race Days).

  • Travel, accommodation and hire costs (if this is the sole reason for funding e.g. a school group requesting funding to travel to Canberra for an excursion).

  • Organisational expenses (printing, every day catering, wages for staff, etc. especially if this was a large portion of the requested funding).

  • Commercial business ventures.

If I start my application online, can I save it and come back to complete later?

No, unfortunately our online application process does not have this capability. If you exit the online application without submitting the form, the data you have entered will not be kept. Only fully completed applications will be processed.

Is there a paper application form I can complete?

No, all applications must be submitted via our online form. A PDF of the application questionnaire is available to view and prepare answers before completing the online form. If you cannot complete the form online, please email or phone our Corporate and Community Relations Department on 1800 243 GPC (472).