Port Charges

2021 port charges


Please note: All prices listed are in $AUD.

Other port charges

Charges are not inclusive of all shipping charges and therefore individuals and organisations should confirm the accuracy of all information prior to making any decisions based upon it. Pricing decisions are subject to review.

  • Pilotage fees — payable when a person navigates a ship in a pilotage area using the services of a marine pilot provided by GPC.

  • Towage services — fees available on application to the company.

  • Conservancy dues — cover calls by a vessel at one or more ports in a State, over a specified period.

  • Line launches — two launches attend the berthage of a vessel only. Charges available on application.

    • Provided by NSS Line Services, P: 0400 754 228 or Gladstone Port Services, P: 07 4972 1335. 

  • Marine navigation levy and protection of sea levies — a charge levied against commercial shipping to recover the costs of operating navigational aids. 

  • Survey fees.

More information


For more information about GPC port charges, please contact us.​​